DC 593 Goddamn Gangsta Stereo


  1. Cinder: Gangsta Stereo USA, Music Submit
  2. Merciless Terror: Enraptured UK, Devil’s Clause Records, ClawhammerPR
  3. Reveler: The Undertow USA, Infamous Empire
  4. Buffalo Summer: Truth from Fable UK, Cargo, Stampede Press UK
  5. Ferocity: Chain of Command USA Deepsend, ClawhammerPR
  6. Scalpel: Gutmulch USA
  7. Malefice: As Skies Turn Black UK, Transcend
  8. Speed Theory: Blood Money UK
  9. Dissension: Dissension Canada, Asher
  10. Kyshera: Germ Wales
  11. Evertrapped: Depression Unrest Canada
  12. Zatokrev: Goddamn LightsSwitzerland, Candlelight Records

Picture: Cinder

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