DC 595 The Left Behind

This weeks show features songs from Master, Reveler, Hybris, Soul Remnants, Sarke, Heart in Hand, Man Must Die, Merciless Terror, The Earls of Mars, Western Sand, Nephelium, Deathpoint and Breached. Dont forget to submit your favourite tracks for Show 600

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  1. Master: The American Dream USA
  2. Reveler: Station 1:2:1 USA, Infamous Empire
  3. Hybris: Foe or Friend UK, Candlelight
  4. Soul Remnants: No Afterlife USA, ClawhammerPR
  5. Sarke: Ugly Norway, Indie Recordings
  6. Heart in Hand: Home/Sick UK, Siege of Amida Records
  7. Man Must Die: Patriot Scotland, Lifeforce Records
  8. Merciless Terror: Hateful Abomination Nottingham, Devil’s Clause Records , ClawhammerPR
  9. The Earls of Mars: Cornelius Itchybah UK, Canglelight
  10. Western Sand: Welcome to The Badlands UK, Stampede Press
  11. Nephelium: Merciless Annihilation Canada, Asher
  12. Deathpoint: For Your Eyes Only Canada, Asher
  13. Breached: Left Behind Canada, Music Submit

Picture: Heart In Hand

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