DC 595 The Left Behind

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  1. Master: The American Dream USA
  2. Reveler: Station 1:2:1 USA, Infamous Empire
  3. Hybris: Foe or Friend UK, Candlelight
  4. Soul Remnants: No Afterlife USA, ClawhammerPR
  5. Sarke: Ugly Norway, Indie Recordings
  6. Heart in Hand: Home/Sick UK, Siege of Amida Records
  7. Man Must Die: Patriot Scotland, Lifeforce Records
  8. Merciless Terror: Hateful Abomination Nottingham, Devil’s Clause Records , ClawhammerPR
  9. The Earls of Mars: Cornelius Itchybah UK, Canglelight
  10. Western Sand: Welcome to The Badlands UK, Stampede Press
  11. Nephelium: Merciless Annihilation Canada, Asher
  12. Deathpoint: For Your Eyes Only Canada, Asher
  13. Breached: Left Behind Canada, Music Submit

Picture: Heart In Hand

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