DC 581 Farce

This week, car crashes, phonecalls and riots.
Don’t forget, if you want your music played here submit music via our page.

Pic: Thornwill

You will hear:

  1. Tank: Conflict Primeval UK, Southworld
  2. Excelsis: Druids Switzerland, Clawhammer
  3. For The Broken: Borealis USA, Asher
  4. Havok: Give Me Liberty … Or Give Me Death USA, Candlelight
  5. Heart of a Coward: Deadweight UK, Transcend Music
  6. Ocellus: Endeavors USA, Clawhammer
  7. Thornwill: It’s Virtual Hungary, Direct
  8. My Great Affliction: Another Man UK, Manilla
  9. Armed for Apocalypse: Happy Our (Desciple of Death) USA, Candlelight
  10. Shining: I Won’t Forget Norway, Prosthetic
  11. Trials: With Only Sorrow Now USA, Clawhammer
  12. Vesperia: To Times End We Ride Canada, Asher
  13. Night Verses: Blind Lighthouse USA, Southworld

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