DC 580 Steam Driven

This week, Recovery from podcrawl where I meet some old, and new interesting people. New submissions physically handed over, and admiring choppers.
Don’t forget, if you want your music played here submit music via our page.

Pic: Pete’s Chopper, Podcrawl 2013

You will hear:

  1. Sanity’s Rage: The Wheels Keep Grinding Belgium
  2. Woslom: Checkmate Brazil, Dark Harvest
  3. Stormbringer: Destroy UK, Transcend
  4. Jordan Reyne: The Player UK
  5. A.D.D: Maybe USA
  6. Frankenbok: Black Saturday Australia
  7. Desecrator: Slaughtered in Masses Australia
  8. Na Maza: Blown Away Australia
  9. Kaosmos: Walking In The Rain Italy
  10. D.A.M: Terror Squad UK
  11. Rusted Brain: Waiting for Death Poland
  12. Iron Kingdom: Guardian Angel Canada
  13. Tank: Kill or Be Killed UK, Southworld
  14. Scale The Summit: Atlas Novus USA, Prosthetic Records
  15. American Head Charge: Sugars of Someday USA

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