DC 582 Hotter Than Hell

This week, brits cannot do hot weather, well I can’t – I’d rather be up in the icy tundras of Norway, or Canada.
I can however post hot music up on the internet for you head bangers to enjoy.
Pic: Eryn Non Dae

You will hear:

  1. For The Broken: Temptation USA, Asher
  2. Havok: Unnatural Selection USA, Candlelight
  3. Ocellus: Death of a Tyrant USA, Clawhammer
  4. Shining: Blackjazz Rebels Norway, Transcend
  5. Jesus Chrüsler Supercar: Never Forget, Never Forgive Sweden, DR Music
  6. Trials: Blueprints of Metaphor USA
  7. Harlot: Saviour UK, Ambicon Music
  8. Monks of Mellonwah: Sailing Stones Australia, IMP
  9. Weapon Status Red: Eyes Like Daggers USA, Donarus
  10. Ashes of Tyranny: Suffer USA
  11. Gold Skies Ahead: Ghosts UK, Transcend
  12. Eryn Non Dae: Hidden Lotus France
  13. Cancer Killing Gemini: Really Something USA

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