DC 571 Insult to Injury

This week, giving more of what you seem to want. A bit darker in places but this gives you some insight into how diverse Metal really is. WTF Charity Singles Now? well it’s for a good cause.
London Podcrawl is on for June 22nd, be sure to come.
Pic: Morgengrau

You will hear:

  1. Mind Mirror: Wither, Finland, Submit Page
  2. MOS Generator: Cosmic Ark, USA
  3. Psychostick: It’s just a movie stupid!, USA, Asher
  4. Monument: Black Knight, UK, Transcend Records
  5. Collapse: Arms and The Covenant, UK, Transcend Records
  6. Arkona: Zakliatie, Russia, Svarga Music, Clawhammer
  7. Altar of Plagues: Reflection Pulse Remains, Ireland, Candlelight
  8. Morgengrau: Extrinsic Pathway, USA, Blind God Records, Clawhammer
  9. To Dust: Essense, Sweden, Infamous Empire
  10. The Moth Gatherer: A Road of Gravel and Skulls, Sweden, Agonia Records
  11. Obsessive Compulsive: Regurgitate, UK

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