DC 570 Stark Realisation

This week, A stark realisation that I have been neglecting the music I love. So things will be changing here – more hard rock and metal. Gone is the Metal Show – well because it’s going to be here. This might cheese some off, but I think it’s for the better, certainly for my own sanity.
Thanks to all the indie and electronica artists who have submitted the tunes, and who know, maybe darkcompass extra might have a rekindling from time to time.
For now though – venting my fustrations through music rather than fists is the topic of the week.
London Podcrawl is on for June 22nd, be sure to come.
Pic: The Dirty Youth

You will hear:

  1. Apparitions: Burn Alive, USA, Infamous Empire
  2. Nomoredolls: Deadly Foe, Italy, Jamendo
  3. Freedoms Reign: Up and Down, USA, Cruz Del Sur, Clawhammer
  4. Turisas: Hunting Pirates, Century Media
  5. Corsair: Wolfrider, SKR, Clawhammer
  6. The Dirty Youth: Curtain Call, Wales, Transcend Music
  7. Bovine: Ghost Chair, UK FDA Rekotz, Clawhammer
  8. Hollow Like Me: Motor City Massacre, USA, PHM Records
  9. 1978 Champs: Alamo, USA, Infamous Empire
  10. Red XIII: Sleeping Giants, UK, Smashit PR

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