DC 572 Kind Words Hard Chords

This week, Even more kind words from people like The Bugcast. Great new tracks from new albums for around the world. Listen with ears open. More music please Submit Here.
Don’t forget, London Podcrawl is on for June 22nd, be sure to come.

Pic: Sister Sin

You will hear:

  1. Sondura: We’re Here Now UK, Transcend
  2. Honningbarna: Dødtid Norway, PrescriptionPR
  3. XUL: Hordes of Black Canada, Asher
  4. Blood Tsunami: B.T.K, Norway, Indie Recordings
  5. Zonaria: Arrival of The Red Sun, Sweden, Listenable, Clawhammer
  6. Circles: Clouds are Gathering Australia
  7. Anacrusis: Imprisoned, USA
  8. Bottom: Hell.Of.A.Life USA
  9. Fatal Smile: Pissed Off Sweden
  10. Freedoms Reign: Long Way USA, Cruz Del Sur, Clawhammer
  11. Sister Sin: Outrage Sweden, Victory Records
  12. Subway to Sally: Aufsteig Germany
  13. Enemo J: Exit Strategy UK, Digital Media Records

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