DC 526 Close to the Heart

This week, keeping head down and dealing with my eldest’s birthday, who is 18 by the way. Dealing with the news that Jack Osbourne diagnosed with MS, something close to my heart, well brain. More information about MS can be got at The MS Society.
A School Dinners Blog raises money for childrens charity after being blocked by local council, the power of social media, and the Voice UK Tour cancelled, which confirms that the record industry have no interest in live music.
Don’t forget, Saturday is Podcrawl, don’t forget The Twitter hashtag #podcrawl


You will hear:

Hysterical Injury: Cycle One, UK
Rolanoid: Cyclonic, Australia
Mike Kukin: Get Bliss, Russia
The Vinyl Plane: Hobbit Hands, USA
Late Cambrian: Trash Show!, USA
The Wrecking: Fire, USA
Daniel Land and The Modern Painters: Starcrossed/Butterfly Lovers, UK
Jay Shepard: Last Man on Earth, USA
Terminal Gods: The Night Life, UK
Relevant Discord: Days of Deferment, USA

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