DC 510 Pond Jumping

This week, recovered, but tired. Overworked maybe? Not a thrilling week. Minion Jay reported about the imperialism of EA Games on The Game Shops here in the UK, one of the last bastions of the High Street, the loss of Davy Jones. The ahem, Olympics Good for UK Music? and the weird world of the record industry, Adele being the biggest selling artist in the UK AND the most illegally downloaded. Public domain literature spawns remakes of Sherlock both here is the UK, and The USA with Jonny Lee Miller, take off or nose dive.

Picture: Ink Project

You will hear:
Cheap Spirits: Cold, UK
Celt Islam: Engine Grind (Dervish Love Fire Mix), UK
Delta Spirit: Gimme Some Motivaton, USA
Eric Wilson: Smokescreen, USA
Radiophonic: Ballad for One, USA
Whitewalls: Trying Hard, UK
Canon Blue: Indian Summer (Des Moines), USA
Tycho: Hours, USA
My Toys Like Me: Lost (Ink Project Remix), USA
Sparrow: Secret (Loki Mix), UK
Jordan Reyne: Wait (I Run Slow), UK
School of Seven Bells: Lafaye, USA

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