DC 509 Brit-taking and La Gilipollas

This week, broken. A late show because I was out with friends, and introduced my face to the pavement. The Cactus of Doom, and how to break curses. The awfulness that is The Brits, and flipping the bird in the UK is not that bad. Some words are worse than others across the world like in Spain a woman has been fined for calling her ex-husband and asshole. John Peels record collection getting digitised for everyone to hear, and The Simpsons Duff Beer to be brewed and sold in Europe – Official.

Picture: Delica-M, VelvetPhoto

You will hear:
Delica-M: Syren, Canada
Emerald Park: Someone To Love, Sweden
Marketa Irglova: Go Back, Czech Republic
Secret Archives of The Vatican: Horse Warrior, UK
Chinese Man: In My Room (DJ Suv Remix), France
Low Fi: On The Scene, Italy
Skint and Demoralised: Maybe You Are After All , UK
Wolfe Hogan: Shadows, UK
Sean Fournier: King of The World, USA
Oliver Tank: Last Night I Heard Everything in Slow Motion, Australia

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