DC 511 Work Before Play

This week, a crisis of faith with Podcasting. Moving from Google to something better. Streaming not paying. iPad theft leads to huge meth bust. I watch Breaking Bad, you should too. More music people go, this time Robert Sherman, Rush Limbaugh Vs. Sandra Fluke, and the exodus of supporters for him, including Peter Garbriel, and Headphone outsell Speakers, not surprising the amount of headphones my kids get through.

Picture: God Robots

You will hear:
Gods Robots: Strange Old Song, USA/India
Peter Fox: Schuettel Deinen Speck, Germany
Artemis: Easy, USA
Simian Ghost: Wolf Girl, Sweden
Wishes and Thieves: Lighthouse, USA
Usedtobecool: Linear Regression, UK
Eisbrecher: Verrückt (Combichrist Remix), Germany
Assemblage23: Collapse, USA
Petrol: Blind, UK

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