DC 504 Glittering Space Monkeys

This week, fixing things, and having a good feeling about it. Sopa and Pipa, policies against piracy, but effects liberties. The capsized cruiseliner and the stupid captain, Choking yourself to get a fix?, how screwed up is that? Famous kiddie fiddler, Gary Glitter announces come back tour. Netflix launches in the UK, much disappointment, and Ed Sherran up for lots of Brit Awards, good luck to him.

Picture: Cancer Killing Gemini

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You will hear:
Alternachicks: Shout it out Loud, USA
Cancer Killing Gemini: Horror Movie Song, USA
Cancer Killing Gemini: Amylee (Epstein Medical Library), USA
Dead Smiling Pirates: By The End Of, Denmark
Sexy Heroes: Pirates!, USA
Grand Rezerva: Badlands, Sweden
Among Savages: Start at the Beginning, USA
Destroy The Evidence: Vision-X, USA
Sean Fournier: All I’ll Ever Need, USA
Shigeto: Lineage, USA

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