DC 505 Sandy Bottoms

This week, dull and not feeling great, no sleep, wanting the summer. Glitter Tweet a fake, a social exercise apparently. New Zealand Girl sells space on bottom for tattoo, and makes reserve! More thoughts on IPTV and Netflix/Lovefilm. Beach Volleyball the most popular sport for UK politians for Olympics, but no sand on the Thames, and Porn industry fined for not supplying staff with condoms. Protective equipment is a must, and new ride a little too dangerous when test dummies return with no limbs!

Picture: Scofferlane

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You will hear:
Dreams Divide: Puppet Love, UK
Titty Bingo: To Forget You, USA
Peter Murphy: Seesaw Sway, UK
Scofferlane: I Awoke, Russian Federation
0E: UpandDown, Norway
Model Society: Horizon, UK
Free Swim: Oh Dennis, UK
Rosie Thomas: Why Waste More Time?, USA
Rendezvous: Prisoner No.251, UK

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