DC 503 Dumb Dripping

This week, broken things, manic things, dripping things. But we should chill with some great tunes. MusicPodcasting is not dead, it just redirects funny. Ted Nugent for President, and No Doubts Twitter Feed hacked to endorse Ron Paul? Why?. UK usage of twitter low in the UK over Facebook, which explain why there was no ticks against it on my poll last week. Tony Iommi diagnosed with Cancer. Get well soon! and HMV struggling after christmas results are in.

Just I was uploading this MusicPodcasting.org returned to normality.

Picture: Lila Rose (Rus Anson)

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You will hear:
Red Kyte: Safe Side, UK
Lila Rose: Bang Bang, USA (RTFM Records)
One Dice: Still, Germany
Dot JR: Moonlight, Scotland
Fresh Body Shop: Dusty Tapes, France
Patrick Joseph: Don’t Believe It, USA
Silver Rocket: The Worst is Yet To Come, Italy
Trip Effect: The Rain, USA
Dead When I Found Her: New Age of Reason, USA
Peter Westheimer: Kharma Than Chaos, Australia

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