DCX Erk Metal Monday 14

I am really honoured. Erk from Erk FM, did a special Metal show honouring me and DarkCompass 500.

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Welcome to episode 14 of Erk FM: Metal Monday, Erk’s heavy rock/metal music podcast featuring a wide range of podsafe, unsigned & independent heavy rock & metal music from across the world.
This week’s episode sees the start of a new year, a new look to the studio & a lot more. Before Erk FM: Metal Monday started, Rowley from the Dark Compass Metal Show gave Erk a lot of metal to listen to. To celebrate Rowley’s recent milestone episode 500 of the Dark Compass podcast (OMG that’s a lot of quality music from one of the men who originally inspired Erk to “come to the dark side of music podcasting”), Erk thought he’d let Rowley program the show by proxy this week.
The opening voice for this week’s episode is (not surprisingly) Rowley from Dark Compass.
Song list:

The Divide – Arceye
Lady Death – Arsenic Addiction
The Rain – Born Of Scars
Scar Tissue – Chamber Of Echoes
Distraction – Charetta
A Memory – City Of Fire
Where The Golden Road Ends – Faces Of Bayon
The Wrath Of The Lambs – Illuminatus
In The Name Of Freedom – Izegrim
Stronger Than Frost – Kamlath
On The Edge Of Sanity – Mercenary
Lust & Love – Of Wrath & Ruin

Erk FM: Metal Monday is released every week on Mondays and is around 60 minutes in duration. Semi-regular interview episodes featuring a single artist or music industry related person are released on Tuesdays. Feedback is greatly appreciated – all of it is read privately by Erk but due to the nature of the show, it is not always possible to acknowledge feedback on the show. Voicemails are preferred and will be played (if short).