DarkCompass 402 Midweek Music

Miho Wada

This week, not drinking for a change and feeling better for it. Lots of music to me, I’ve not needed to search. Web development, and midweek charts to help people to buy? Send me more comments and emails please.

You will hear:

  1. Angry Machine (Remix), by Fresh Body Shop – France
  2. Buckle Up, by NLX – Canada
    NLX - Bitch Get Fit - Buckle Up
  3. Carry, by The Sea Kings – UK
  4. Sirens, by Tenpenny Joke – Australia
    Tenpenny Joke - Ambush On All Sides - Sirens
  5. Complicated by Floppy Dee – Germany
  6. Time Space, by Celt Islam – UK
    Celt Islam - Celt Islam - Time Space
  7. Mädchen in Uniform, by Nachtmahr – Germany
    Nachtmahr - Mädchen in Uniform - Mädchen in Unform
  8. On a Frozen Beach, by Feral Children – USA
    Feral Children - Brand New Blood - On a Frozen Beach
  9. Scar Tissue, by Chamber of Echoes – USA
    Chamber of Echoes - Unbound and Set Free + Under Lock and Key - Scar Tissue
  10. Piss Off (Such a Loser), by Miho Wada – Japan
    Miho Wada - Postcards to Your Bed - Piss Off (such a Loser!)
  11. The Demons Eye, by Mountain Mirrors – USA
    Mountain Mirrors - Mountain Mirrors - The Demon's Eye

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