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This week, Angry turning to mellow this week with EBM overdrive on the iphone. Metal as a religion? for the next Census in 2011, awards for Los Campesinos and The Cribs, and some web development workfor The Gay Ass Rock Show, coming soon.

You will hear:

  1. Demon (Extended), by The Vile Evils Feat Clint Mansell – UK
  2. Cosmic Circulation, by Cosmic Spring – Netherlands
  3. Divine, by Rose Red and the Butterflies – UK
  4. Ég Veit Hann Kemur Fljótt, by Mammút – Iceland
    Mammút - Karkari - Ég Veit Hann Kemur Fljótt
  5. Sha La La La La, by Heavy Young Heathens – USA
    Heavy Young Heathens - Heavy Young Heathens - Sha la la la La
  6. These are Listed Buildings, by Los Campesinos – Wales
    Los Campesinos! - Romance Is Boring - There Are Listed Buildings
  7. Lose You, by Darling Parade – USA
    Darling Parade - Darling Parade - Lose You
  8. Thank You, by Venus on Fire – USA
    Venus on Fire - Thank You - Thank You
  9. Things I do, by Alpha Point – Republic of Moldova
  10. Check me out, by Radagun – USA
    Radagun - Life Lessons - Check Me Out

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