DarkCompass 403 Navy Beer

This week, Still feeling good. Flat out, and looking for something. Interview with Lord Numb and Spidersleg during their first live outing. Beer is good for your bones, not Pop, White Stripes Vs. US Navy, and Stripping for Haiti, all good wholesome fun.

You will hear:

  1. Parallel Me, by The Quiet Revolution – USA
    TQR - Parallel Me (feat. Hadar Green) - Single - Parallel Me (feat. Hadar Green)
  2. Just like You, by Mezzamo – Russian Federation
  3. Left Behind, by Audioalysis – UK
    AudioAlysis - Audioalysis 1 - EP - Left Behind
  4. Ella, by Artemis – USA
  5. Eileen, by Lord Numb – UK
  6. Moondial, by Matt Stevens – UK
  7. Found and Lost, by Fine Print Pariah – Germany
    Fine Print Pariah - Fine Print Pariah - Found and Lost
  8. Deep Sea Suit, by Best Friend – USA
  9. Ego Toaster, by Jamie Winchester – Hungary
    Jamie Winchester - The Cracks Are Showing - Ego Toaster
  10. Linoleum (Wamdue 2-Step Vocal Experience), by Tweaker – USA
    Tweaker - Linoleum - Linoleum (Wamdue 2-Step Vocal Experience)

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