DarkCompass 391 On the way to #Podcrawl

Sir Ged

This week, just a few days before Podcrawl. Catching up with old friends, more gigs. Bono becomes anonymous when he removes his sunglasses. Fined for sound pollution. 2009 word is unfollow, Zune hits UK, Veryon drives into lake, pelican blamed.

You will hear:

  1. Robots, by Sleepercurve – UK
    Sleepercurve - Robots - Single - Robots
  2. Evacuate, by The Boxer Rebellion – UK
    The Boxer Rebellion - Union - Evacuate
  3. Dirt, by Luxury Stranger – UK
    Luxury Stranger - Desolation - Dirt
  4. Heirloom, by The Black Atlantic – Netherlands
    The Black Atlantic - Reverence for Fallen Trees - Heirloom
  5. Leave me one more time, by Unbreakable – Republic of Moldova
  6. Tidal Wave, by The Locals – USA
    The Locals - Big Picture - Tidal Wave
  7. Tide, by The Powwows – USA
    The Powwows - The Powwows - Tide
  8. Devil into Pope, by The Dots – Germany
  9. Under the Stars, by Shattered Atom – USA
    Shattered Atom - The Knife, the Thief - Under the Stars
  10. Dear Emely, by The Boots – Italy

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