DarkCompass 392 Post #podcrawl #podcast

Sir Ged

This week, some fun and games from Podcrawl, waxing lyrical, a get together proves that we all love music. Back to normality next week.

You will hear:

  1. Fool, by Hungry Lucy – USA
    Hungry Lucy - To Kill a King - Fool
  2. Lost Souls, by The Rusty Wright Band – USA
    The Rusty Wright Band - Playin With Fire - Lost Souls
  3. Prospects, by Chris Juergensen – Japan
    Chris Juergensen - Prospects - Prospects
  4. Spheric, by Pixieguts (Feat. Dementia 13) – Cyberspace
  5. Dark Night or the Soul (Jean Delacroix Remix), by The Secret Archives of the Vatican – UK
  6. Anyone for Tannis?, by Lord Numb – UK
  7. Revelation, by Zalinski – UK
  8. Doesn’t Matter Anyway, by The Kut – UK
    The Kut - Doesn't Matter Anyway / Closure - Doesn't Matter Anyway
  9. Precious for Evermore, by Luxury Stranger – UK
  10. Measure, by Field Music – UK

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