DarkCompass 390 Pleased & Not Pleased

Sir Ged

This week, Someone taking over? No. It’s Sir Ged, with an interview and some great new tracks. I am fighting for a great cause by growing a moustache, not everyone is pleased. Just a week to go before Podcrawl. U2 build wall around The Brandenburg gate to keep people in and force them to listen. Even Sting thinks X Factor is appalling , and Porsche want Cayman for themselves. Save Y Fricsan

You will hear:

  1. Minimalistic, by Geddismus – Germany
  2. Simplistic, by Geddismus – Germany
  3. We Are your diversity, by Belladonna – UK
    Belladonna - Hey Weirdo! - We Are You're Diversity
  4. Friday the 13th, by Dean Farnell – UK
  5. Love Unknown, by Slave to the Squarewave – USA
  6. Wishes, by Something Personal – Wales
  7. Neopolitan Dreams (Nilow Remix), by Lisa Mitchell – Australia
    Lisa Mitchell - Neopolitan Dreams - Single - Neopolitan Dreams
  8. My Spirit ( feat graciellita ), by BertycoX – France
    Graciellita - SHINE - Mixes and Collaborations - My Spirit (Bertycox)

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