DarkCompass 389 Suing the hand that feeds

Daniel Land

This week, Catching up with bands, preparing for Podcrawl, EMI sues Music site selling Beatles Songs, whilst selling the catalogue on Apple USBs, you can sue your ISPs if they cut you off. November is Movember, charity Moustache growing, donate here! Podcast Alley votes for AMP, and me of course. Thanks for that. and, oh, I play some great tunes.

You will hear:

  1. Holy, by Lab64 – Australia
  2. Great Pretender, by Phantom – UK
    Phantom - Great Pretender - Single - Great Pretender
  3. Love Lies Bleeding, by Daniel Land and The Modern Painters – UK
  4. Run Silent Run Deep, by Daniel Land and The Modern Painters – UK
  5. Wild World (Acoustic), by Chris Marsol – USA
  6. Doctor X, by Fresh Body Shop – France
  7. Hug, by The Freak Fandango Orchestra – Spain
  8. Little Baby, by Frivolous Laura – UK
  9. This Amazing, by Damn Vandals – UK
  10. Sarah, by Pythia – UK
    Pythia - Beneath the Veiled Embrace - Sarah (Bury Her)

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