DarkCompass 379 – When Irish eyes are Hypocritical

The Boxer Rebellion
I’m back after two weeks, and it shows! Holiday antics in Dublin, and at home. U2 and the environment, and Bob Dylan to voice Satnav – falling sleep at the wheel anyone? Filesharing needs more definition before non-elected lords can put their foot in.

You will hear:

Watermelon, by The Boxer Rebellion – UK
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Explode, by Ferdodo – France
Bein’ Alone (Azoora), by graciellita – Mexico
Muteation, by Mutefish – Ireland
Backseat Driver, by Grimus – Romania
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Silent Disco, by Ten City Nation – UK
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Take it of Leave it, by Soundstill – USA
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Signal, by The Upset Victory – USA
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Before it’s too late, by The Bloodshot Gamblers – USA
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