DC741 Silence The Fire

Sahg: Silence The Machines (from Memento Mori, Bergen, Norway, Indie Recordings) http://www.sahgband.com/

King: My Destination The Stars (from Reclaim The Darkness, Melbourne, Australia) http://www.oneworldoneking.com/

Crimena: In The Sand (from Chapter One: Divine Betrayal, Romania, The Leaders) http://www.crimena.com/

Salvation For Me: On The Edge (from Keep, Russia) https://www.facebook.com/salvationformeband

Signs of Chaos: Monster (from Watch it Burn, Ontario, Canada) http://signsofchaos.ca/index.html

SubRosa: Wound of The Warden (from For This We Fought The Battle of Ages, USA, Profound Lore) https://subrosa.cc/

Chariots of The Gods: As The Sky Falls (from Ages Unsung, Ontario, Canada, Asher) http://www.chariotsofthegods.net/

Wastelands: The Greatest Landscapes (Quebec, Canada) https://wastelandsbandqc.bandcamp.com/releases

Wreak: Zealots (from The Pursuit of Peace Through Excessive Violence, Rhode Island, USA) https://wreak.bandcamp.com/

Reject The Sickness: The Fire’s Burning (from Chains of Solitude, Belgium, Mighty Music) http://www.reject-the-sickness.com/



DC683 Fossils Under

  1. C R O W N: Fossils (from “Natron”, France, Candlelight Records)
  2. Black Space Riders: Born a Lion (from “Refugeeum”, Meunster, Germany, Black Space Records / Cargo Records, Clawhammer)
  3. Dew-Scented: Ode to Extinction Course (from “Intermination”, Germany, Prosthetic Records)
  4. Vintage Warlords: The Invisible Foe (from “The Invisible Foe”, USA)
  5. From Another Planet: Forge (from “An ever Changing Perspective”, Ohio, USA)
  6. Johnny B.Morbid: In The Unknown  (from “Fall of The Cicada”, New Jersey, USA)
  7. Monasteries: Dreadwaste (from “The Empty Black”, Birmingham, UK)
  8. H!de: H!de (from “Light Up The Sky”, Narvik, Norway, Indie Distribution)
  9. Zedi Forder: Killakarta (Single Release, UK)
  10. Gatherer: The Machine (Single Release, Wellington, New Zealand, Collision Course)
  11. A Course of Action: Soul Worn Thin (North Carolina, USA)
  12. Prospective: Chronos Speaks (from “Chronosphere”, Bologne, Italy)
  13. Trysth: Sever The Stars (from “Soul Chambers”, Sofia, Bulgaria)
  14. Toy Mountains: Suspended Animation (from “For a Few Seconds, Came Harmony”, Glasgow, Scotland)
  15. Aversions Crown: Parasites (Brisbane, Australia)
  16. Whispering Woods: Demon Blood (from “Perditious Et Dei”, Cluj-Napoc, Romania)
  17. Grieving Mirth: Optio (from “Calamitosvs Omine, Texas, USA)
  18. Deraign: All is Lost (Single Release, Gold Coast, Australia, Dead Centre Productions)
  19. Archivist: Dreaming Under (from “Archivist”, Austria, England, Germany)


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DarkCompass 433 – Ping, Burn, Tax

This week, putting my feet up as instructed by the doctors, so not much to report this week. Book burning priests alike to Nazis, it really makes Americans look uncaring and stupid. Bruce Campbell to make Uber Horror Comedy, bringing back Robert Englund as Freddy. Did not like the recent remake of Nightmare on Elm Street. 10% of UK citizens await letters from the taxman, and those taxes be used for Papal Visit? Sod the blessing.
Picture: Return to Earth, MySpace
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DarkCompass 379 – When Irish eyes are Hypocritical

The Boxer Rebellion
I’m back after two weeks, and it shows! Holiday antics in Dublin, and at home. U2 and the environment, and Bob Dylan to voice Satnav – falling sleep at the wheel anyone? Filesharing needs more definition before non-elected lords can put their foot in.

You will hear:

Watermelon, by The Boxer Rebellion – UK
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Explode, by Ferdodo – France
Bein’ Alone (Azoora), by graciellita – Mexico
Muteation, by Mutefish – Ireland
Backseat Driver, by Grimus – Romania
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Silent Disco, by Ten City Nation – UK
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Take it of Leave it, by Soundstill – USA
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Signal, by The Upset Victory – USA
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Before it’s too late, by The Bloodshot Gamblers – USA
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