DarkCompass 380 – Play Loud, Get Smart

The Kiara Elles
This week, Wet bank holidays, zoos, and great music. Some bad thing are good for you, like playing music loud!, Changing Facebook status caused man to kill his ex, and “why didn’t I think of that? temporary tattoos help lost kids. Gigs lined up next week, all over London.

You will hear:

Beautiful, by Green Eyed Stare – USA
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Wargasm (Acoustic), by Illuminatus – UK
Icarus, by The Guy – USA
ODIO, by The Kiara Elles – UK
Leave Everything, by The Hot Beds – UK
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Oslo Novelist, by Grand Archives – UK
Under the Stars, by Shattered Atom – USA
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Skinny Little Bitch (Ezekiel Remix), by Angelspit – Australia
Love Is the Number of Keys, by La Triste – Denmark
Black River Killer, Blitzen Trapper – USA
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