DarkCompass 374 – The Late and The Loud

PistoliaThis week,
Watching Harry Potter, expensive meals out. Neil Tennant is a bit slow when it comes to The Top of the Pops and people downloading music. Yes I know I said he was the lead singer of totp and not the Pet Shop Boys. Crabbe does community service for growing pot. Jack White does not like streaming.

Dr. Perfection by The Astronauts Australia.
Concrete Shoes, by The Fins – UK
Oliver under the Moon, by Pistolita – USA
You Prevail, By Charetta – USA – Download track from iTunes
Greed, by Notes from Underground Spain
Bibliophone, by Zook van Snook -UK
Graffiti, by Confusion is next – Italy
East City Psycho – by Veincage – USA
Fly So High, by Sun Dry Cilo – USA – Get track from iTunes

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