DarkCompass 375 – Zombie, Witch, Powerslide

The daylight Faded
This week,
I did manage to get to that EP release party. Taking a break soon, let me know what you want me to do. Cannot do thrill rides. More weird jobs this week, 2 zombies, earning 30k each, and a witch earning £50k for scaring kids. Top Gear to hit the charts?
You will hear:
Never, by The Cold Rush – Germany
Fist of Time, by the Daylight Faded – UK
Air Gnawa, by Secret Archives of the Vatican – UK
Xylene, by Izzie Voodoo – UK – Get track from iTunes
Science, by DJ Phase – ??
Rings, by Harry Harris -UK
Delays Delays, by Dan Tharp – USA – Get track from iTunes
Look at me, by The RayGun Girls – USA – Get the track from iTunes
Jeremy Clarkson Beat Box, by Swede Mason – UK
Galdrbok, by Lucius – UK

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