DarkCompass 373 – Is no news good news?

Tracing Arcs

This week, no preparation because of eldests descent on London. No news just some great tunes.
Tracks played this week are:

Black Winged Butterfly, by Sekshun 8 – USA – Get Track from iTunes

Babydoll, by Tracing Arcs – UK

At Last, by Nihil Est – Italy

Let the Towers Shake, by Jade Leary – Canada – Get Track from iTunes, Magnatune

Idle Hands, by Murder City Devils – USA – Get track from iTunes, Subpop

Psycho, by Bisirk – UK

Animals, by Entertainment for the brain dead – Germany (Courtesy of Blocsonic)

Uh oh, by Swimming in Speakers – USA – Get track from iTunes

Yow Wow, by Transient – USA

The Burning, by Liquid Society – Finland

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