DarkCompass 369 – Digital Life under Ink

Sarah Fimm

This week, slow week with big concert. Exclusive content ideas. The Digital Britain report. London Tempretures, Undertakers with a difference, Teen Tattoo Star Problem,
Small Belgium town cuts carbon emissions by going meat free, music celebs leech onto idea

Tracks played this week are:

Love comes first, by Techno Squirrels – USA – Get track from iTunes

The Curse by Devil Doll – USA – Get track from iTunes

My Blue Girl, by Sevish – UK – Get track from Jamendo

Angel, by Underwhelmed – UK – Get track from iTunes

Free, by Wiser Time – USA – Get track from iTunes

Begin the Engine, by Andrew WK – USA
Andrew W.K. - 55 Cadillac - Begin the Engine

Virus, by Sarah Fimm – USA – Get track from iTunes

Acerbic, by Scarlet BLONDE – UK – From the “Who makes your Music” on dPulse

Swarm (Summer Cathedral Mix), by Jade Leary – Canada – Get track free from his site.

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