DarkCompass 368 – Tweet and Be Damned

This week, getting up to speed with comments and emails. Review of Terminator Salvation, More injuries in the home because of computers, Futurama to Return, Man blames Twitter friends for burglary. Trent Reznor ditches Twitter, and blames it on fat birds

Tracks played this week are:

Glass Corners, by Night Artery – Australia – Get track from iTunes

Freestyle BMX, by Samfire – Unknown

Visions, by Non-Divine – Netherlands – Get track from iTunes

Dentistry of the 1970s, by The Temple Cloud Country Club – UK

Patra, by The Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble – Netherlands

The R.I.A.A. (Took my computer away), by My Son the Bum – USA – Get track from iTunes

Tell no one, by Fixer – USA – Get track from iTunes

Hiroshi, by Blackjaq – USA

-FIXER- Before The Sun

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