DarkCompass 370 – A Long Tall Iced One

Killing Jazz

This week, to warm to do anything except drink iced drinks. The star faced tattoo girl lied, Is Schumacher really The Stig? Streaming music services to shake up Charts, Dwarf Olympics anyone?

Tracks played this week are:

Mykonos, by Fleet Foxes – USA – Get track from iTunes

Sull’orlo dell’abisso, by Eva Milan – Italy – Get track from Jamendo

Biomythos, by Revolution Void – USA – Get track from Jamendo

Transmission, by The Bathtub Sophist – Canada – Get Transmission EP free from his myspace page

Outlaw, by Schizoid Club – UK

My Baby just cares for me, by Killing Jazz – Spain – Get Track from Jamendo

Kill Me, by The December Sound – UK – Northern Star Records

Thommanon, by Mark Elliot – Canada

El Tranvia, by Janifer Avila – Spain – Get EP from 23 Seconds

Sugar Evolver by Kevin Max and 3kStatic

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