DOing it for Themselves

So many bands are losing money because of this lockdown, across the world, but our beloved funsters Psychostick have taken it to do virtual concerts to support themselves.

The first one, which I missed (sorry), was on Youtube, Facebook and Twitch.  It helped them pay for their rent twice over, with a little more to spare to help repair their tour van.  The’re doing it again too, this Thursday at 2100 UTC.

Rob, the lead singer, is an avid gamer, and streams on a regular basis, and set up this virtual space for them to perform a while ago, and it really works.   The plan is for them to perform every thursday, so even if you miss one, you can tune in again during the period of self-isolation.

Lots of fun was had last week, but I’m not going to miss the next,  especially as it’s evening in the UK, I’m certainly going to tune in.

If you can support your favourite bands, again if you have missed a concert, donate to the artists, buy merch, keep them going.

If you hear of other artists doing this, please drop me a line on the socials, so we all can tune in and support the bands.

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