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Locked Down, but Not Out.

DarkCompass is  semi-isolated here in North Wales. 

DarkCompass won’t be stopping.  The Hardware is different to what I have in London, so be fair warned, audio quality of my seques might be poor for the next few shows until I get it sorted.

Things, Music.  It concerns me that the loss of Live performances, and I know that bands rely on touring now, as revenue from sales dwindles year on year.   So little goes to the artist through streaming, once labels and distributors have had their cut.  So, if you had a gig / festival you were going to thats been postponed or cancelled, support the bands you were going to see by buying some merch.  A Shirt, Patch, or even stickers will help the band no end during this time.  Buy the album on iTunes or Bandcamp, as opposed to Streaming it from Spotify or Tidal. Every bit (well most) of that money does reach the artist.

Thats it for now, the next show will be on Hard Rock Hell Radio this Friday at noon UK time (1200 UTC), and again on DarkCompass shortly after.  Listen again on Mixcloud, or of course subscribe to get it regularly.

PS. I only wished I had filled the Electricity meter at DarkCompass Towers in London  a bit more.  When all this is over, and when I travel back,  I’ll be arriving to a stinky freezer.

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