DC835 Time Willpower

Another Mix

3siXty:Long Time Comin’ 00:00
Masada:When the Lights Go Out 04:15
Soul Dissolution: Far Above the Boiling Sea of Life 07:16
Petrichon: Parclo 16:52
Carpathian Forest: Likeim22:06
AURA NOIR: Grave Dweller 24:48
XAEL: Watchers of Xan 28:09
Berserker: Madness Machine 29:59
Beyond Deth: The Cold 35:47
SKYHARBOR: Dim 41:07
Monsterworks: The Great Silence 46:05
White Raven Down: Take Me (Full Version)54:26
Voight Kampff: Form Destroyer 59:11
In Death: Malignancy Eradicated 65:81
AxMinister: The Succubus and The Crucible of Sin 69:23
Valyria: Of Sky And Sea 74:30
Richthammer: Zeugnis der Gier 81:05
Rome In Monochrome: Between The Dark And Shadows 86:05
Soliloquium: Catharsis 92:17
Vile Caliber: Willpower 97:40

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