DC834 Collider Child


Motorjesus: King Collider http://motorjesus.net
Immortal Sÿnn: Metal and Blood http://immortalsynn.com
At The Gates: Daggers of Black Haze http://atthegates.se
Torii: The Cold Masque of Romance http://torii.bandcamp.com
Witchskull – Spyres https://witchskull.bandcamp.com
Burial in The Sky: Psalm of The Deviant https://burialintheskytheband.bandcamp.com
High Council: Stormchaser http://highcouncil.net
Die So Fluid: Tomorrow Doesn’t Always Come https://diesofluid.net
Bruiser Queen: Soundcheck Song https://bruiserqueenmusic.blogspot.co.uk
Worshipper: Night Child https://www.facebook.com/worshipperband

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