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DC760 Dust and Swallow

  1. Fall of Carthage: Dust and Dirt (from “The Longed for Reckoning”, Germany, MDD Records)
  2. Acranius: : Outlaw (from “Reign in Terror”, Germany, Rising Nemesis Records)
  3. Chronic Hangover: Lucifer in the Sky with Diamonds (from “Nero Inferno Italiano”, Italy, Minotauro Records)
  4. The Chronicles of Israfel: Nightmare (from “A Trillion Lights Tome II”, Montreal, Canada, Asher)
  5. Kratornas: Archangels of Destruction (from “Devoured by Damnation”, Canada, Asher)
  6. Grafvitner: Wrath of The Tempest (from “Obeisance to a Witch Moon”, Sweden, Carnal Records / Daemon Worship Productions , 16 December 2016)
  7. Herem: Drowning Steed (from “III”, Finland, Inverse Records)
  8. Skallbank:  Dödens Ord (from “Skalbank”, Sweden, Big Balls Productions)
  9. Skeletal: Sewers of This World (from “Dreadful Life”, Finland, Inverse Records)
  10. Burnt Out Wreck: Swallow (from “Swallow”, UK, Cherry Red) 10th Feb


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