DC759 Only The Empire

  1. Tygers of Pan Tang: Only The Brave (from “Tygers of Pan Tang”, UK)
  2. The Parasite Syndicate: Breathe You In (Single Release, UK)
  3. Ithilen: Lies After Lies (from “Shaping The Soul”, Belgium)
  4. Enemy of Reality: Reflected (from “Arakhne”, Greece)
  5. Claytown Troupe: Hey Lord (from “The Bristol Heavy Rock Collection”, Bristol, UK)
  6. Cnoc An Tursa: Sound the Pibroch (from “The Forty Five, Scotland, Apocalyptic Witchcraft)
  7. Spectral: Fuck off and Die (Metal is Forever)(from “Arctic Sunrise”, Germany, Boersma – Records, 13th Jan)
  8. The Workhorse III: I Can’t Forget (from “Closer to Relevance”, Philadelphia, USA)
  9. Nerodia: Chains of Misery (From “Vanity Unfair”, Italy, Revalve Records, )
  10. Seasons: Empire (from “What Goes Around”, Bedford, UK)


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