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DC751 Wounded Tidebringer

  1. Skarlett Riot: The Wounded (Scunthorpe, UK)
  2. Myrkur: Onde Bern (Live)(From “Relapse Sampler”, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  3. Illyrian: Five By Five (from “Round2: Fight”, Calgary, Canada)
  4. Tactus: Feast or Famine (from “Bending Light”, New Brunswick, Canada)
  5. Vpaahsalbrox: Swallow The Wound (from “14 Sovereign”,Texas, USA, Pale Horse Records)
  6. Death: Zombie Ritual (from “Relapse Sampler”, Florida, Canada)
  7. MindAheaD: Three Sides of a Dangerous Mind (from “Reflections”, Italy, Revalve Records)
  8. Haan: The Cutting (from “Sing Praises”, New York, USA)
  9. Not My Master: Lies (El Paso, USA)
  10. Shark Infested Daughters: Tidebringer (from “These Tides, Our Tombs”, Calgary, Canada)


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