DC752 Drumfire Oy

  1. Pessimist: Trommelfeuer (from “Call To War”, Germany)
  2. Across The Burning Sky: Demons Rising (from “The End is Near”, Sweden??)
  3. Infant Death: Subhuman Elimination (from “Violent Rites”, Norway, Apocalyptic Empire Records)
  4. Tactus: King of The Sky (from “Bending Light”, Brunswick, Canada, Asher)
  5. Re-Armed: Evolve Cycle (from “The Era of Precarity”, Finland, Saarni Records)
  6. Venom Prison: Exquisite Taste of Selfishness (from “Animus”, UK, Prosthetic Records)
  7. Wolf Counsel: Wolf Mountain (from “Ironclad”, Zurich, Switzerland, Czar Of Bullets)
  8. Somehow Jo!: Go With The Jo (Single Release)Tampere, Finland, Inverse Records)
  9. Brute Forcz: (Ain’t Gonna) Tear Me Down (from “Brute Forcz”, Hollywood, California, USA)
  10. Diatonic: Once More (from “I Am The One”, Sweden, Triton’s Orbit Records)
  11. Protokult: Oy Kanada (Single Release)Canada, Asher)


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