DC735 Satan Veil

Talk about getting more in your eyes and ears, Pokémon Go, and Podrawls, along with some great new music from around the world.

  1. Devil Gone Public:  Satan, Hold My Hand (from “Smokehound”, Tampa, Florida, USA)
  2. Mesarthim: Orbiting (from “Pillars”, Australia, Avantegarde Music)
  3. Sludgehammer: Demons from The Woodwork (from “The Fallen Sun”, Toronto, Canada, Asher)
  4. Kommando: Vntitled (from “Distroyer”, Germany, 13th June)
  5. Agresiva: Pale Horse (Red D’eath)(from “Eternal Foe”, Spain)
  6. Storm of Particles: Sun’s Rising in The Fog (from “Storm of Particles”,Italy, 1st July)
  7. Solanum: Narcotic Collapse (from “I.T.S.C.”, Winnipeg)
  8. Grand Rezerva: Crimson Ground (from “Hell and High Water”, Sweden)
  9. Darkend: A Precipice Towards Abysmal Caves (from “The Canticle of Shadows”, Italy)
  10. Saintorment: For The Long Time (from “Well of Sins”, Latvia)
  11. ThrOes: Lavish the Anguish (from “The Viper Womb”, Tasmania)
  12. Artic: Daewon (from “S/T”, USA, Pioneer Records)
  13. Archaic Decapitator: Parasomniac (from “Light of a Different Sun”, Connecticut, USA)
  14. Blood Incantation: Chaosplasm (from “Starspawn”, Colorado)
  15. Devolted: Broken Kings (from “Broken Kings”, Ireland)
  16. Funeral Mantra: Afterglow (from “Afterglow”, Rome, Italy, Sliptrick Records)
  17. Dark Haunters: The Burning Eyes of Vengeance (from “The Persevere is Diabolical”, Italy, Revalve Records))
  18. Hypersonic: As An Angel (from “Existentia”, Italy)
  19. Fractal Cypher: Lost (Single Release, Montreal, Canada, Asher)
  20. Darkher: Hollow Veil (from “Realms”, UK)