DC735 Satan Veil

20 great tracks and some more throughts to get more great content into your eyes and ears.

Talk about getting more in your eyes and ears, Pokémon Go, and Podrawls, along with some great new music from around the world.

  1. Devil Gone Public:  Satan, Hold My Hand (from “Smokehound”, Tampa, Florida, USA)
  2. Mesarthim: Orbiting (from “Pillars”, Australia, Avantegarde Music)
  3. Sludgehammer: Demons from The Woodwork (from “The Fallen Sun”, Toronto, Canada, Asher)
  4. Kommando: Vntitled (from “Distroyer”, Germany, 13th June)
  5. Agresiva: Pale Horse (Red D’eath)(from “Eternal Foe”, Spain)
  6. Storm of Particles: Sun’s Rising in The Fog (from “Storm of Particles”,Italy, 1st July)
  7. Solanum: Narcotic Collapse (from “I.T.S.C.”, Winnipeg)
  8. Grand Rezerva: Crimson Ground (from “Hell and High Water”, Sweden)
  9. Darkend: A Precipice Towards Abysmal Caves (from “The Canticle of Shadows”, Italy)
  10. Saintorment: For The Long Time (from “Well of Sins”, Latvia)
  11. ThrOes: Lavish the Anguish (from “The Viper Womb”, Tasmania)
  12. Artic: Daewon (from “S/T”, USA, Pioneer Records)
  13. Archaic Decapitator: Parasomniac (from “Light of a Different Sun”, Connecticut, USA)
  14. Blood Incantation: Chaosplasm (from “Starspawn”, Colorado)
  15. Devolted: Broken Kings (from “Broken Kings”, Ireland)
  16. Funeral Mantra: Afterglow (from “Afterglow”, Rome, Italy, Sliptrick Records)
  17. Dark Haunters: The Burning Eyes of Vengeance (from “The Persevere is Diabolical”, Italy, Revalve Records))
  18. Hypersonic: As An Angel (from “Existentia”, Italy)
  19. Fractal Cypher: Lost (Single Release, Montreal, Canada, Asher)
  20. Darkher: Hollow Veil (from “Realms”, UK)