Lavish The Anguish by ThrOes

The long awaited debut album ‘This Viper Womb’ is finally available to purchase from Aesthetic Death, and ThrOes as a stunning digipack. Visit or contact the artist at to purchase a copy.

Here’s what people have to say about it:

“That this is a debut is astonishing for it’s a bold statement that makes a mockery of so-called ‘innovative’ bands” 4.5 – Zero Tolerance Magazine

“It’s abrasive, raw, emotional, eye-opening and utterly unlike anything else you’ll hear. Words, truly, fail to do justice. This Viper Womb is an experience, not just an album. Listen to it, feel it. Don’t miss it.” 9/10 – Midlands Metalheads

“What a singular sound. Looks familiar but is definitively new. A deep disturbing sound, close to breaking, but so strong” 9/10 – L’Autre Monde Radio-Webzine

“An absolute must for all of you in search of originality, a perfect 10!” – 10/10 Pest Webzine

“This is very much a left field kind of release and will grow as you listen to it more and more. Impressive most Impressive”. – Absolute Zero Media

“When the vocals howl in full of disgust and contempt you know you are about to be dragged through a hedge backwards” 8.5/10 – Ave Noctum

ThrOes issue a big ‘Fuck You!’ to established ideas and doing so they’ve created one of the most interesting and fresh albums of the year. – Transcending Obscurity

“The entire album is as heavy as an anvil and an overall intriguing ride and at the end you end up pressing play again.”
– Cadaver Garden

-Trent Griggs – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Ebow, Engineer
-James Ludbrook (Damaged)- Additional Vocals
-Kevin Talley (Suffocation)- session drums
-Mark Evans (Alarum)- additional lead guitar on track 5
-David Caswell (WDD)- acoustic guitar and orchestration on track 4 and 5

This is not like any metal album you have heard before. This album will ruthlessly infect all. This is dissident metal.

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