Battle Path: Ambedo

Battle Path
Battle Path

Battle Path formed in 2008 from the ashes of the Murfreesboro, Tn doom sextet Under The Earth.

Their initial goal was to create punishing doom, but elements of Black Metal soon crept in. The band would soon release both Storm & Stress (self released) and Empiric (Alerta Antifascista) under the original line up. Member changes would soon lead the band to a dual guitar line up. As this created a shift in the bands sound, Battle Path also brought in an entirely new element with the addition of a synth/keyboard set up and Ambedo was created shortly after. The band has shared the stage with acts such as Tombs, False, Dead To A Dying World, North, Lycus, Bereft, Forest of Tygers, Prizehog and Greywoods.

2015’s Ambedo has given the band the ability to create vastly different soundscapes and the writing has evolved into a more visceral experience. It is undoubtedly the sum of its parts, experimenting with a new sound and looking towards the future. Ambedo is very different from the past two records, but the sound of Battle Path is still very much intact, albeit a more experimental version.

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