DC713 Blood Moonspell

Another 10 tracks from new artists around the world

  1. Casket Robbery: Blood Bathory (from “Evolution of Evil”, Wisconsin, USA)
  2. Once Was Never: Maximus Parasite (from “Lighthouse In The Abyss”)
  3. 7SOD: One Eyed Ruler (from “From Ashes”, Netherland)
  4. Little Light: Angel in The Dark (from “A Wolf With a Wish”, Northampton, UK)
  5. Anagram: Sown (Single Release, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  6. World Be Free: I’m Done (from “The Anti-Circle”, Revelation Records))
  7. Anger As Art: Unknowing Undead (from “Ad Mortem Festinamus, LA, USA)
  8. Za La Thu: To Bind and Purge (from “Za La Thu”, USA)
  9. Aghast Afterglow: You’re Killing Me from Inside (from “Imaging”, Italy)
  10. Citadel Beseiged: Moonspell (Demo, Indiana, USA) HailTimothy