DC687 Iron Temple

London Podcrawl 2015 is September 12th

  1. Valfreya: Iron Saga (from “The Iron Saga”, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Asher)
  2. Nordheim: Get Drunk or Die Trying (from “Lost in The North”, Quebec, Canada, Maple Metal Records)
  3. Yonder Realm: The Moonbeam Road (from “The Old Ways”, North Babylon, NY, USA)
  4. Ungoliantha:Сквозь Смерть (from “Dedicated to all Demons”, Lugansk, Ukraine)
  5. Omega District: Galaxy Traversal (from “The Deconstruction of a Universe”, Seattle, USA)
  6. Of Allies: Tempers (from “Fragments”, Hull UK)
  7. Sonick Plague: My Gun (from “Sonick Plague”, Hartford, UK, Pavement Music, Clawhammer)
  8. Palinopsia: Three Sisters (from “Murmurs From the Well Nothing More”, Vermont, USA)
  9. Guards of May: Annotata (from “Future Eyes”, Brisbane, Australia, Collision Course)
  10. Promethee: Inert and Bound (from “Unrest”, Geneva, Switzerland, Lifeforce Records)
  11. Predatory Light: Death Essence (from “Split EP”, New Mexico, Fallem Empire Records)
  12. Vorde: Seven Forms (from “Split EP”, Brooklyn, New York, USA, Fallen Empire Records)
  13. Await the Desolation: Enslaved in Eternal Darkness (from “Crush The World with your Imagination”, Houston Texas, USA)
  14. Within The Past: The Rise (from “Lifetime”, (Tampa, Florida, USA)
  15. The Green River Burial: Dajjal (from “Blight”, Frankfurt, Germany, Impericon Records, Clawhammer)
  16. Neurosis: The Doorway (Single Release, Relapse Records)
  17. Inhuman Depravity: Exhuming The Creator For Own Expediency (from “Nocturnal Carnage By The Unholy Desecrator”, Istanbul, Grand Sounds Promotion)
  18. Deathwhite: Vein (from “Solitary Martyr”, USA, Self Release, Clawhammer)
  19. Anachronism: Temple of Abjection (from “Senseless”, Switzerland)


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