DC686 Dying Spirit

London Podcrawl 2015 is September 12th

  1. Expenzer: Dying T-Rex (from “Kill The Conductor”, Switzerland)
  2. Zombie Death Stench: Boneless Grave (from “Infected”, Modesto, USA)
  3. Nordheim: Sailing The Drakkar (from “Lost in The North”, Quebec, Canada, Maple Metal Records)
  4. Sudden Flames: Gabriel’s Quest (from “Under The Sign of The Alliance”, Quebec, Canada, Asher)
  5. Valfreya: Oceans’s Assault (from “Path to Eternity”, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Asher)
  6. Yonder Realm: The Old Ways (from “The Old Ways”, North Babylon, NY, USA)
  7. Tothem: Beyond The Sea (from “Beyond The Sea”, Rome Italy)
  8. Sonic Prophecy: Oracle of The Damned (from “Apocalyptic Promenade”, Salt Lake City, USA)
  9. Thalion: To Hell and Back (from “Dawn of Chaos”, Quebec, Canada)
  10. Ungoliantha: Расплата (from “Dedicated to all Demons”, Lugansk, Ukraine)
  11. Wythfilth: Where Nothing Exists and Nothing Speaks (Single Release, Norwich, UK)
  12. Cold Insight: Silver Night (from “Various  Tracks, France)
  13. Omega District: Perpetual Inertia (from “The Deconstruction of a Universe”, Seattle, USA)
  14. Elegies: Throne (Single Release, Sheffield, UK)
  15. Fort Hope: Crosses (And So we Dig)(from ” Plans”, Bedfordshire, UK)
  16. Of Allies: Fragments (from “Fragments”, Hull UK)
  17. False Flag: Sacrifice of Solitude (from “Nest of Vipers”, Calgary, Canada)
  18. Donovan Wolfington: Hxc Punk (from “How to Treat The Ones you Love”, New Orleans, USA)
  19. The Finite Beings: Spirit Driven (Single Release, USA)


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