DC658 Carry Me Alive

  1. Marwood’s Fall: Carry Me (from “Restitution”, Chicago, USA, Music Submit)
  2. Autere: Lines (from “Amal’l”, Inverse Records, Finland)
  3. Beyond the State: Guilty(from “Calling for Freedom”, Anglesey, Wales)
  4. Daylight Robbery: Samarah Never Sleeps (from “Falling Back to Earth”, Birmingham, UK)
  5. Broken Links: I’ll Run Away (from “Divide/Restore”, Eastleigh, UK)
  6. EB11: Unexpected (from “Enjoy the Ride, InTune Records, Spain)
  7. Empires of Eden: Architect of Hope (from “Architect of Hope” out in February, Australia)
  8. Nitro: Uranium (Single Release, USA)
  9. Keepsake: Revival (from “Recollections”, Adelaide, Australia)
  10. We Are The Finale: The Honeymoon Phase (from “The Magic Show Act II”, Persistent Heart)
  11. Sadai: El La Piel Del Logo (from “6Noches”, Spain, Jamendo)
  12. Pigeon Lake: Epiphany (from “Tales of a Madman”, Oslo, Norway, Music Submit)
  13. Divine Disorder: Rusted Libra (from “Garden of Dystopia”, Kuwait)
  14. Desolate Shrine: We Dawn Anew (from “The Heart of the Netherworld”, Finland)
  15. All The Shelters: White Sun (from “Chasing Light”, Strasburg, France, Famined Records)
  16. Violent Hammer: Craving for Flest (from “More Victims”, Finland, Shadow Kingdom Records, Clawhammer)
  17. The Muted Pitch: Based on The Hate (from “NA”, Nova Scotia, Canada)
  18. Ethereal: Devouring The Forsaken (from “Opus Athereum”, Liverpool, UK, Candlelight Records)
  19. Ascending Dawn: Simplify (from “Coalesce”, London, UK)
  20. Ghost Bath: Contiuity (from “Funeral”, China)
  21. Inherit The Stars: Still Alive (from “Beyond The Beacons”, Sheffield UK, Ambicon Records)


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