DC657 Suicide Alive

  1. Zero Down: Suicide Girl (from “No Limit to The Evil”, Minotauro Records, Clawhammer, Seattle, USA)
  2. Kouzin Bedlam: Never Come Home Again (from “Longing for The incomplete”, Inverse Records, Finland)
  3. Extinction Level Event: Entropy (Single Release, North Carolina, USA)
  4. Autere: Burn (from “Amal’l”, Inverse Records, Finland)
  5. Beyond the State: Lost Our Way (from “Calling for Freedom”, Anglesey, Wales)
  6. Kadinja: GLHF (Single Release, Paris, France)
  7. Broken Links: Submission (from “Divide/Restore”, Eastleigh, UK)
  8. Dear Sleeper: To Follow (Brighton, UK)
  9. Foreboding Ether: Deadline (from “Beyond Conjecture”, Margate, UK)
  10.  Divine Realm: Sentiments of Fear and Death (from “Beyond Conjecture”, USA
  11. White Mess: Let The Fire Burn (Single Release, Sheffield UK)
  12. River City: Twin Bridges (Single Release, Rotherham, UK)
  13. Dire Peril: Space Invaders (from “Queen of The Galaxy”, Sacramento, USA)
  14. EB11: Love You Now (from “Enjoy the Ride, InTune Records, Spain)
  15. Hateful Abandon: High Rise (from “Liars/Bastards”, Candlelight Records, UK)
  16. Counters: Disquiet (Single Release, Italy)
  17. Benedictum: Beast in the Field (from “Season of Tragedy”, USA)
  18. Los Trasgos Muertos: Fire in The Sky (from “Los Trasgos Muertos”, Manchester, UK)
  19. Syndrome of Fire: Run (from “Save me from Myself”, Nashville, USA)
  20. Through The Silence: Fallen (from “Debt of Words”, Portugal)
  21. Evyltyde: Chastity (from “Evyltyde”, London, UK)
  22. Rise of Dissension: Lord of The Damned (Ontario, Canada)
  23. Atlas with Atone: Alive Again (Bangor, Wales)


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