DC 575 Last Chance To Er Enkel

This week, another batch of tunes to clear your ears out. Play, of course, at 11 and accept no substitutes, all musicians in this show are real.
Don’t forget, if you want your music played here submit music via our page, and London Podcrawl is on for June 22nd, be sure to come.

Pic: Lantern
You will hear:

  1. Last Chance to Reason: Apotheosis USA
  2. Liferuiner: C.O.P.E. Canada, Transcend
  3. New Device: Here We Stand UK, Southworld Recordings
  4. Thousand Year War: London Dungeon USA, Clawhammer
  5. Cardinals Folly: The Model Finland, Shadow Kingdom, Clawhammer
  6. Black Dawn: Reflect USA, Music Submit
  7. Lantern: Rites of Descent Finland, Dark Descent, Clawhammer
  8. Skinflick: Six Stone Junkie Wales
  9. Obsessive Compulsive: Stamp Your Own Path UK
  10. None Dare Call it Conspiracy: Tales of The Lost Finland, H&R
  11. Tothem: This is The Time Italy, Music Submit
  12. Potential Threat SF: The Threat of Things to Come USA,
  13. Valfreya: Confront Immensity Canada, Asher
  14. Honningbarna: Verden Er Enkel Norway, Prescription PR

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