DC 574 Against the Heart

This week, making show with at least an hour of music, and more people singing praises about the show again.
Been to any great rock and metal gigs lately? share them with me.
Listen to the show, of course, with ears open and volume set to 11.
Don’t forget, if you want your music played here submit music via our page, and London Podcrawl is on for June 22nd, be sure to come.

Pic: Heart in Hand

You will hear:

  1. Lovelorn Dolls: After Dark Belgium, Alfa Matrix
  2. Heart in Hand: Almost There UK, Seige of Amida, Impericon
  3. Revoltage: Criminal UK
  4. Chosen: Defective Prospection Ireland, Asher
  5. The Modern Age Slavery: Th Dawn Prayer Italy, Pavement Entertainment, Clawhammer
  6. In Vain: Against The Grain Norway, Indie Recordings
  7. Psychostick: Hate Time 8 USA, Asher
  8. Collapse: Acolyte UK, Transcend Records
  9. Sister Sin: I Stand Alone Sweden, Victory Records
  10. Blood Tsunami: The Rape of Nanking Norway, Indie Recordings
  11. Potential Threat SF: Edge of Sanity USA,
  12. Hacride: To Numb The Pain France, Indie Recordings
  13. Steak Number Eight: Ashore Belgium, Indie Recordings
  14. Cavorts: Make it Suffer UK, Transcend

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